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Service of Thanachartfund online - Mutual Fund encompasses the following services :

Investment Value : Shows the total value of investment, computed from the net asset value of the mutual find which unit holders have invested in, and the profit/loss difference between the present investment value and the investment value at cost, the proportion of investment in various types of mutual funds. The unit holders may inquire about investment information, and compare with the investment documents help, to see if they match. They can also consider if the allocation of funds is suited to the particular investment climate.

Account Statement : shows the movement of sale and redemption of investment units. The unit holders may verify purchase and redemption of investment units transactions 999 days back.
Performance : Shows the profit/loss derived from the difference between the current investment value of each transaction, and the value at the initial investment date.

Purchase and Redemption of Investment Units : the unit holders may sell or redeem investment units by internet, 24 hours.

Personal Data : for those who wish to reset the password or hint question in making use of Thanachartfund online sevices, for security of personal and investment information.
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