Type : Open-end Fund (Private Placement only offering to the investors defined by SEC annoucement No. Kor.Jor. (44/2543)
Investment Policy : Primarily invest in equities and fixed income instruments, both government and corporate bonds. Weighting will be periodically adjusted to suit the prevailing investment climate.
Account Period : November 21 - November 20 of every year
Dividend Policy : Within four times a year if there is substantial realized profile or realized profile or retained earnings
Supervisor (Trustee and Custodian) : Bank of Ayudhya Plc.

Flexible Fund

Risk : 5-6

Inception :
December 21, 2000

Date of changing the investmetn policy to Flexible Fund :
June 28, 2002

Registered Size : 6,000 Btm

Fund's Fee and Expenses (Excluded VAT) *
Management Fee * 0.535%
Supervisory Fee 0.067%
Others Include Registrar Fee
*as percentage of NAV per annum and exclusive of VAT
Fees and Charges
Front-end Fee ***
< or = 0.25%
Back-end Fee None
Switching Fee 20 Baht/Transection
Unit Transfer Fee -
***as persentage of NAV per unit and exclusive of VAT
Date : Purchase every working day and Redemption 20thday of month at Thanachartfund Management Co.,Ltd.

Time : Purchase 8:30 a.m.- 15:30 p.m.
                     Redemption 8.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.

Minimum Purchase : 10,000 Baht exempted the investors in 7(4) (Dor.) defined by SEC annoucement No. Kor.Jor. 44/2543 must invest at least 10,000,000 Baht
Minimum Redemption : 10,000 Baht or 1,000 unit and Minimum Balance 1,000 unit
In Cash or by money transfer or cheque or draft
at the following bank accounts.

- Current account no 001-3-00475-0, Thanachart Bank
  Public Co.Ltd., Tonson office
- Current account no. 285-0-01087-9, Ayuthaya Bank
  Public Co.Ltd., Ploenchit Tower branch
- Current account no. 111-3-03734-0, Siam Commercial
  Bank Public Co.Ltd., Rattchayothin office
- Current account no. 082-1-08292-7, Kasikorn Bank
  Public Co.Ltd., Langsuan Road office
- Current account no. 205-3-03201-3, Bangkok Bank   Public Co.Ltd.,
  Ploenchit branch

Contact Us : Thanachart Fund Management Co.Ltd., Tel : 0-2263-0800, Fax : 0-2263-0190 or
Selling Agents

Thanachart Bank 1770

Thanachart Securities Plc. 0-2217-9595
Investment in mutual funds contains certain risks. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Before investing, please carefully study the prospectus of the fund.